VISOONE Blue Light Blocking Glasses Rectangle


VISOONE Blue Light Blocking Glasses Rectangle Chic Preppy Look MultiColor Frame for Women Men RIVER
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【Function】: Blue light Blocking Glasses is an efficiently capable of preventing visual fatigue, eyestrain and discomfort from continuous exposure to 99% harmful blue light and UV400.
【Usage Scenarios】: Anywhere and anytime, you need to use LED screens such as Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone, PAD, TV and etc.
【Eyeglasses】: It is non-prescription with anti-blue light coating glasses. You also can buy our brand eyewear and put your prescription lens in the frame. Moreover, the frames are kinds of style, like fashion, cute, lightweight, versatile, vintage, oversized, which can meet your daily outfit needs.
【VISOONE】: We are committed to providing the fancy glasses to the insightful consumer. We are confident that there will always be a pair of glasses in the store that will suit you.
【River Series】: With its sleek lines and minimalist rectangular frame, it effortlessly combines simplicity and fashion. Offering premium quality and a fashionable appearance, these blue light glasses are available in vibrant colors to showcase your unique style.


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