Red Light Therapy Mask KINGDO


KINGDO Red Light Therapy Mask for Face, Cordless Near-infrared 850nm Infrared Led Face Mask, Portable and Rechargeable Multi Light Therapy Mask at Home and Travel, 100 LED Beads, Gift Box Packaging, White
Product Details
Color White
Material Silicone
Age Range (Description) Adult
Special Feature Portable, Travel Size, Lightweight, Cordless
Style Noble and Elegant


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About this item
Red Light Therapy Mask

Humanized design-Crafted from soft, safe and durable materials, red light therapy design surpasses old hard shell mask. Its ergonomic shape ensures complete facial coverage.

The adjustable strap fits various facial shapes without causing discomfort. Equipped with protective eye pads to shield the eyes from light exposure, led mask also features a portable power source, eliminating worries about power supply and allowing for convenient facial beauty treatments anywhere, anytime Multi-color Light Therapy Mask – Tired of acne and dull skin?

Red Light Therapy Mask

Red Light(620nm)-Treatment of wrinkles; Blue Light(460nm)-Treatment of inflammatory acne; Infrared light(850nm)-Provide topical heating to elevate tissue temperature, and temporarily increase local blood circulation;

Mixed-light (620nm,460nm, and 850nm)-Treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. The KINGDO led face mask light therapy helps you get rid of stubborn acne, revealing clear and glowing skin High Energy Density -Red Light Therapy Mask utilizes four light therapy modes including red, blue, infrared, and mixed light, equipped with 100 LED lamp beads, with a high energy density of up to 29.85mW/c㎡.

KINGDO led mask provides beneficial effects for a variety of skin issues, addressing skin imperfections. The led face mask stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, accelerating skin cell regeneration and repair, enhancing skin quality, and leaving the skin looking younger and smoother
Automatic Timing – the led mask skincare is equipped with an automatic timing function, which shuts off after 10 minutes of use, effortlessly achieving clear and radiant skin. Compared to complex and expensive treatments at beauty salons, having your own red light face mask can save a significant amount of money and time.

The KINGDO led face mask light therapy stimulates the nerve endings on the skin surface, promotes blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and alleviates stress and fatigue
Exquisite Gift Box – KINGDO red light therapy packed in a beautiful box, bringing you the perfect surprise. Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, KINGDO led face mask is an excellent gift for your beloved! We offer a one-year warranty, and in case of any quality issues, we provide 100% free replacement or refund, ensuring worry-free purchasing for you. What you’re giving is not just a gift but also your love and care for her


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