Onion juice : 08 natural features for hair health & hair prevention.

onion juice

Onion juice has numerous benefits for hair health, growth and hair prevention

Hair loss is a very distressing situation for anyone, most of the people who suffer from this problem consider themselves to be bald. 

All possible efforts are made to get rid of this problem, all kinds of shampoos,  hair oils and home remedies are used to somehow save the hair to look attractive.

One of these home remedies is to apply onion juice to the hair roots. Many people believe that this recipe has benefited them and that this juice not only promotes hair growth but also works against several hair diseases, due to which hair fall is greatly reduced.

It has numerous benefits for hair health, growth, and prevention. Some other things can be mixed with it due to which its benefits can be doubled.

The most important question is whether onion juice is really beneficial for hair & Is it an antidote to prevent hair loss ??

Let’s know about these very important questions in detail.

Onions are rich in sulfur.

This is a gift from nature that  is very important for hair health. It plays a key and decisive role in good hair health. When we apply onion juice on the scalp, more sulfur is available to the hair due to which the hair becomes thick, strong and shiny.

Sulfur is very important for good hair care. Sulfur helps in improving the blood flow to the hair follicles which provides essential nutrients to the hair as well as oxygen, which leads to proper hair growth.If the hair receives sufficient sulfur, it will continue to grow in a healthy manner. Apart from this, not only does their natural glow remain, but it also increases.The sulfur from onions may also help promote collagen production.

Amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life. Sulfur contains amino acids which forms the building blocks of protein and keratin.

Keratin is a very important element of hair, so this means that the more suitable sulfur there is, the stronger the hair will be. keratin is a protien which  can help repair damaged hair, restore shine and softness, and prevent breakage.

onion juice

Apart from this, onions also have antiseptic properties that are effective against infections. Many infections are dangerous for hair health. These bacteria and infections weaken the hair to such an extent that the hair starts to fall out very quickly. 

Onions are rich in antioxidants. In addition, the fluids that protect the hair follicles cells. All these together create an environment that is conducive to hair growth. 

Onion juice increases collagen production, which is considered an essential element for hair. Collagen creates a healthy hair growth cycle and healthy skin cells which improves blood circulation in the scalp. it ensures that the hair follicles get the necessary nutrients and oxygen to keep the hair growing well. Hair follicles are the part of our skin that grows our hair.

Reducing infection is also a major feature of onions. Onion has anti-infective properties so it helps in reducing any kind of infection and as well as any kind of irritation.

Since onion has antibacterial properties, it is extremely useful. Scabies infections and dandruff cause the hair to become weak and fall out as a result. A healthy scalp environment promotes hair growth as well as making them much stronger.

Antioxidant protection : Antioxidants act as a strong shield against environmental aggressors, such as pollution and UV radiation, which can severely damage hair. They help to minimize the harmful effects of these external factors, preserving the overall health of your hair.

How can it be used for hair growth?

Easy way to make .

Cut the onions into small pieces and then peel them, then put them in a blender and blend them well. Now we have to extract onion juice from this mixture. For this we will take a fine cloth. If you have sensitive skin, you can mix it with a little water and add rosemary, coconut oil or lavender oil to reduce the smell.

onion juice

How to apply onion juice on the scalp?

Make a ball of cotton cloth or apply it to the scalp with your fingers. By the way, apply it all over the scalp, but be sure to apply it to the area where the hair is falling more or where you are itching. In addition, where dryness is more than other parts.

Now start massaging very slowly and gently with the help of your fingers. This massage should be done for a few minutes so that the juice reaches the roots of your hair.

How long should onion juice stay on the hair?

It should be kept for at least half an hour, and can be left for an hour or even overnight for good results.

Rinse your hair: Wash the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and shampoo. Then use a conditioner to get rid of the smell.

Frequency: Better results can be achieved only with consistency. It should be used twice or thrice a week for effective results.

Onion juice is beneficial for most people’s hair due to its natural properties, but may not be as beneficial for some people as it should be, especially for those with sensitive skin.

1-People with sensitive skin can do a small test on themselves, apply a small amount of onion juice to the inner elbow or behind the ear and wait a few minutes. If irritation occurs, do not apply the juice to the scalp.

2-People with sensitive skin should choose a small area of ​​the scalp and apply the juice there and observe it closely. Discontinue use immediately if you experience itching, redness or any irritation.

Although the smell of onion can be reduced to a great extent by mixing it with rosemary or coconut oil, some people are sensitive to the smell. They cannot tolerate the smell at all, such people should apply a little juice on sclap and see if there is a fear of allergy, then stop using it immediately.

What does science stand for the benefits of onion juice for hair and what are the properties of onion itself?

There is limited scientific research on onion juice for hair growth, but some notable studies have been conducted. In this blog I have provided some links to review more details.

Some studies concluded that onion juice could be an effective topical treatment for alopecia areata, a condition characterized by patchy hair loss.

However, more extensive research is needed to fully understand the efficacy and mechanisms of onion juice in promoting hair growth and combating hair loss.

When hair loss is due to a medical condition, however, it is best to speak to a doctor about appropriate treatments.

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