Raw Batana Oil for Hair Growth: 100% Pure


Product Benefits Moisturize hair
Hair Type All
Material Type Free Alcohol Free
Scent Natural
Liquid Volume 4.19 Fluid Ounces

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About this item

  • Organic and Natural Ingredients: Our batana oil is crafted with organic and natural ingredients, free from any chemicals or additives, providing a pure and wholesome care for your hair.
  • Leaving your hair thicker and more vibrant: Our batana oil nurtures healthy roots, leaving your hair thicker and more vibrant
  • Smooth and Tangle-Free Hair: Experience the magic of smooth and tangle-free hair with our unique formula, preventing split ends and knots, offering all-day protection for your locks.
  • Moisture Lock for Shiny Hair: Combat dryness effectively – our batana oil deeply moisturizes to prevent hair dryness, leaving your hair lustrous and full of vitality.
  • Rooted in Honduran Tradition: Embrace the essence of Honduran tradition with our batana oil, a product that reflects the rich heritage and ancient wisdom of Honduras, delivering a timeless hair care solution


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